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Waterborne Diseases 

Drinking of water contaminated by human or animal feces, which contains pathogenic microorganisms, causes water borne diseases. 

Anatomy of Kidney 

The kidneys are solid; bean shaped, reddish brown paired structure, which lie in the abdominal cavity, one on either side of the vertebral column. The kidneys collect the excretory products and eliminate them in the form of urine.

Endoscopic Prostate Surgery- TURP  

The prostate enlarges in old age to cause urinary blockage. This enlargement is usually benign. A skilled surgeon called 'Urologist' can use a thin endoscope to remove the enlarged  prostate gland.

Symptoms of Prostate Gland Enlargement

The prostate enlarges in old age and this results in urinary symptoms and sometimes urinary blockage. The enlargement is usually benign but sometimes  malignant.. The enlarged gland is called 'Benign Prostate Hyperplasia' or BPH / BHP and may require surgery 

Location Of Prostate Gland 

The prostate gland is a male sex gland that sits under the bladder and is the size of a walnut. It slowly enlarges after the age of 40 years and can give rise to urinary symptoms  

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